Maestro Electric Steam Cooker – Domestic Plus


Power: 600W 230V 50 Hz / 120V 60Hz
Heating Base Unit with a 2ltr. Cooking Vessel,
Additional 1 ltr. Cooking Vessel, Idly Pot with 3 Idly Plates and 1 Idiyappam Plate, Egg/Vegetable Boiling Tray,
Unique Double-walled Stainless Steel cooking vessel for better utilization of steam



Automatic cut off (Dry Boil Protection) saves energy
Safe pressure less steam cooking
Like a casserole, the Stainless steel cooking vessel keeps food hot for more than 2-3 hours
Add other ingredients during operation
Easy to use
Economical compared to gas stove
No gasket to change unlike conventional pressure cookers
Cooks up to 500 gms of fluffy and soft rice with no crust formation & boils up to 2 liters of milk

Added Convenience

Cook 2 items at a time – say, Rice and Vegetables by keeping Rice in 2 ltr. Cooking Vessel and the Vegetables in the 1 ltr. Vessel on top of the 2 ltr. Vessel.
Cook soft & fluffy Idlis or Idiyappam or Kozhukkattai in the Idly Pot. Also vegetables can be boiled keeping Idiyappam Plate inside the Idly Pot.
Cooks soft Idlis, Rice, Rasam, Vegetable curry, Pulao, Uppuma, Dhoklas, Momos, Soups, Noodles, Macaroni, Pastas with no compromise on taste.
Boils Milk, Eggs, Vegetables
Reheats cold food without affecting food quality
Steams vegetables preserving nutrition values.

Advantages of Steam Cooking

Cooking with steam is both healthy and versatile
Steam cooking retains food’s nutritional value
Steaming preserves 90% of Antioxidants in fresh vegetables
Steam cooking is best at preserving the water-soluble B & C vitamins
In steaming food retain their texture and shape well
Cold food can be reheated by using steam without affecting food quality