Sumeet Traditional Asia Kitchen Machine 750 Watts


MOTOR POWER: 750 Watts
No Load speed: Approximately 18000 RPM.
Voltage for Canada & the U.S.A.: 120 Volts, 60 Hz.
North American Warranty – Motor: 5 Years P/L. – All else: 1 Year P/L.
Shipping Weight: 15 pounds.


The Sumeet Asia Kitchen Machine is equipped with a Safety interlocked Heavy Duty 750 Watt Motor to tackle Tough Wet & Dry Grinding, Mixing, blending tasks effortlessly.

It comes with 3 Specially designed Stainless Steel Jars.

The Mighty Asia Grinder Jar: A Heavy Duty Large Quantity Wet & Dry Grinder, famous for it’s ability to do Wet grinding using the inherent juices of the ingredients without adding water and turn it into a fine paste.
Dry Grind ingredients like Turmeric Roots or Cinnamon Sticks (among other Spices) into Fine Powder.
Grains into Flour.
Makes Excellent Nut butters. Crushes Ice into “Snow”.
A Single Jar that Grinds the toughest ingredients using a single Large Blade, effortlessly within 2 minutes!.
Grinding Capacity: Minimum. 50 Grams. Maximum. 400 Grams.

The Multipurpose 1.2 L SS Jar with 4 interchangeable Blades for Blending, Mincing, Grating, Whipping and more.

Spice Grinder Jar: A small quantity Wet & Dry Grinder. A handy attachment for when your grinding requirements are 1/2 cup or less.
Whether it’s fresh Coffee Beans, a quick Chutney or besides Curry Pastes and Dry Rubs, it makes excellent Nut Butters – Without adding any additional Oil!
This handy jar does the tasks in 60 seconds or less!

All 3 Jars incorporate the Unique Stopper/Stirrer to aid in mixing the ingredients while in operation to give you uniformed results each time.